The only one

My mom wanted always to write her story and now, I give you these words mom because I know my story is your story, I’m sorry because I’m away from you, I’m sorry because I left you in an evil world I’m sorry I’m not beside you when you feel sick but god knows I suffered a lot and I needed an escape of that country I needed the courage to start all over again somewhere to be somebody who’s not abused, who’s not humiliated, somewhere to express who I am as an irreligious. I wanted always to be miss international or miss world but I’ve never thought that I’m goin to be a writer, someone who explain his pain and suffering on a paper, I wanted to study politics or economics but I never thought that I’m goin to be in a mental hospital where I eat medication for three months and I was thinking why I didn’t pursue a medical career while I can! It’s too late now, everything has an end and my end is not clear yet I flee Saudi Arabia having nothing but one thing I need to publish my story, at least I’ll have something to live on. I remember you mom giving me gold bracelet when I’m four years old visiting you in hospital after the car accident, here where it all begins. It’s dark I see nothing but a voice calling me give me your hand, it’s my father the car flipped and I was the only one left inside.


Twenty six blossoms

1. Published 5 written pieces
2. Learned music basics
3. Reading music sheets
4. Listened to +10000 song
5. Knew +1000 musicians
6. Traveled to Jeddah
7. Celebrate my birthday at Angelina Café
8. Read a lot about astrology
9. My favorite planet is Jupiter
10. Sent my name & my mom’s to Mars with NASA’s next rover in July, 2020
11. Reached +500 tweets
12. Meditate by the sea
13. Richard Dawkins started a campaign against Islam and I’m in
14. Been followed by an amazing writer
15. A beautiful soul kissed me in my cheek once in a dream
16. Genius is fragility, in memory of Ian Curtis
17. Lana Del Rey is Cancer 4:47 pm
18. Bought a running shoe from Skechers
19. Wrote a published piece in memory of my grandfather
20. I’m beautiful and grateful for everything I have
21. Time to change, to work alone, time to live
22. My hair is a mermaid like 🧜🏻‍♀️
23. Planned my next half-life in Italy 🇮🇹
24. Bought a rose milk swimwear with sun hat
25. Goin to travel to Khobar
26. Goin to love my life

Give me apples from Syria, peaches from Amman, jasmine from Aleppo, lemons from Egypt, sultanas, myrtle, camomile, pomegranates, white roses, little pastries, nutmeg ring cakes, sweets, short pastry, puff pastry, sugar and incense, amber, musk and candle wax. Arabian Nights by Pasolini, 1974