Twenty six blossoms

1. Published 5 written pieces
2. Learned music basics
3. Reading music sheets
4. Listened to +10000 song
5. Knew +1000 musicians
6. Traveled to Jeddah
7. Celebrate my birthday at Angelina Café
8. Read a lot about astrology
9. My favorite planet is Jupiter
10. Sent my name & my mom’s to Mars with NASA’s next rover in July, 2020
11. Reached +500 tweets
12. Meditate by the sea
13. Richard Dawkins started a campaign against Islam and I’m in
14. Been followed by an amazing writer
15. A beautiful soul kissed me in my cheek once in a dream
16. Genius is fragility, in memory of Ian Curtis
17. Lana Del Rey is Cancer 4:47 pm
18. Bought a running shoe from Skechers
19. Wrote a published piece in memory of my grandfather
20. I’m beautiful and grateful for everything I have
21. Time to change, to work alone, time to live
22. My hair is a mermaid like 🧜🏻‍♀️
23. Planned my next half-life in Italy 🇮🇹
24. Bought a rose milk swimwear with sun hat
25. Goin to travel to Khobar
26. Goin to love my life